Test your security before someone else does it.

Our Cyber Security team has vast experience in helping clients across multiple areas to test and strengthen the security within their environments.

We use the most crucial industry-leading methodology to identify hard-to-find vulnerabilities from Penetration Testing activities to Reporting and Remediation Plans.


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Identify Weaknesses and Strengthen Your Security


Performing regular vulnerability assessments is essential for a complete security program.

These assessments help organizations quickly discover and fix security weaknesses, which ultimately lowers the risk of data breaches, financial losses, and reputational harm resulting from attackers exploiting those vulnerabilities.

Test Your Defenses and Strengthen Your Security


Penetration testing, also known as ethical hacking or pen testing, is a thorough security assessment technique that simulates real-world attacks on an organization's network, applications, infrastructure, and system.  The penetration testing activity aims to identify potential vulnerabilities and weaknesses.

By replicating actual attacks, organizations can identify any possible vulnerabilities or flaws that potential attackers could target.

Penetration testing services
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Protect Your Business with Effective Security Measures


We provide security assessment services, which evaluate the security of a system, network, organization.

The assessment includes security policies, procedures reviews, physical and logical security analysis. The goal is to identify weaknesses, potential risks and provide recommendations for improving security measures to protect against threats and cyber attacks.

Encryption and Secure communications


We write easy-to-understand PKI Documentation, including Key Ceremony and Root Key Ceremony.

Develop a PKI policy and procedure framework that meets industry standards and best practices.

Selecting and configuring PKI components and infrastructure is costly effective.

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Become Cyber Resilient - Be Wary Protect your digital footprint


Organizations must implement effective awareness and training programs to become cyber-resilient to educate employees about cyber hygiene, phishing, and human errors.

Effective awareness and training programs are critical for organizations to become cyber-resilient and protect against cyber threats.


Minimize Damage and Ensure Business Continuity


The Security Incident Response Service supports your organization during a security incident whenever it happens. We want to give our clients and partners the security and peace of mind they deserve and become cyber resilient. That's why we'd like to apply a custom approach to your business needs.

We conduct an incident triage by managing different types of incidents based on each case's complexity and severity. This helps us take necessary measures for containment and remediation so that you can resume business as usual quickly.

We help investigate the root cause of each incident and take further steps to ensure an incident never repeats itself in your organization.

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Due diligence, advisory and consultancy


Effective GRC requires a comprehensive approach that involves people, processes, and technology.

By establishing clear guidelines, implementing appropriate controls and measures, and providing ongoing training and awareness, organizations can ensure a robust security posture and protect their sensitive information from a wide range of threats.


Solution and TTPs - Tactic, Techniques and Procedures


Static, Dynamic, and Hybrid Analysis → Examination of files for signs of malicious intent.

Sandboxing → Traffic Analysis and Behavioral analysis involve examining the actions that the malware takes when it is executed in a real-world environment.

Reverse Engineering → Manual Code Review and Source Code Security Review.


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Discover your digital footprint!

Get One Hour of Free Consultancy and Sample of Report!

Our cyber security services help you avoid potential threats, allowing you to protect your business proactively!


Common questions

Why do you need cyber security services?

To safeguard their data and networks from harmful hackers and cybercriminals, businesses require the use of cybersecurity services.

Without cyber security services and risk strategy, businesses are at risk of having their networks infiltrated, their confidential data exposed, or their system compromised.

Black Bullet can help protect businesses from these threats and ensure their data is safe!

What are some common cyber threats that organizations should be prepared for?

Organizations need to be proactive in defending against a multitude of cyber threats, such as ransomware, phishing attacks, malware, distributed denial-of-service (DDoS) attacks, and data breaches.

In addition to these more well-known threats, organizations should also be aware of other emerging threats such as artificial intelligence (AI)-based attacks, Internet of Things (IoT)-based attacks and supply chain attacks.

Having a comprehensive security program in place is essential for mitigating the risks posed by cyber threats. Security programs should include regular security assessments, employee training and incident response plans to address these threats as soon as possible.

What are some best practices for incident response planning?

Good incident response planning is essential for the security of any organization.

To ensure effective incident response, a comprehensive plan should be developed that outlines the roles and responsibilities of every department and team member.

Clear communication channels and procedures should be established to facilitate effective communication during an incident. Additionally, an incident response team should be created with assigned roles and responsibilities

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